Friday, 27 January 2012

Our Baby's Room Inspirations

My Hubby & I are Expecting my 1st baby his 4th, & along with all our other home renovation that are continuously happening... We now have a babies room to get done before April.

Now when i comes to babies i'm not really into the whole baby looking nursery's as you can tell.

This is how his room should look or close to it!!!!

We wanted a room that would grow the bubs, hence the Red, Navy, White & Beige colour scheme.

Navy stripes around the bottom of the room, topped with a white picture rail then red strip.

With a red industrial Ceiling light & a few of these cool posters i came across, would look awesome.
Wanted to add a hint of travel

Vintage Captain America
The cot we have, also converts to toddler bed
My Nana Kennedy's rocking chair with a hand made Cushion in the corner.

plus with lots of added extras i'm sure, but a room i think he could be in till teenage years or till we move :-)....

Sunday, 23 October 2011

More New Home Ideas

I have found an even better new house plan & look, i just love it, its by widespan & is cheap & gorgeous. Love It ! love it!
The front windows i would do with french doors.

The Guest house
it has 4 bedrooms with a study so technically it could be 5 or 4 & my music room, which sounds better :-)... a large walk in robe in the main room & double basin the ensuite. I also love the homestead verandah all the way around... the only way to go....

the Guest house/ Weekender they call it, which would be a kids play room/ guest house.

 Just off behind the main house .
While its 2 bedroom there's plenty of room in the lounge area for people to sleep. Bunks & a single in one room & a double in the other.

One can dream !!!!, but amazingly the houses are Cheap, approx. $55k for the country house & $15k for the weekender. its the rural/ farm land that will be big bucks.......... One Day.............

Monday, 22 August 2011

Wonderful Garden Ideas

 I want to have a cherry/apple or peach blossom in the front yard, There so pretty when in full flower .  

I also want A troll  fountain,  I like the little maze style around.

My dream to have a maze in the paddock next door
 Loving the tree face, a little kooky but that's me :-)
Tyre swings are always a favorite
A Hammock is a MUST !!!

Monday, 8 August 2011

dream house ideas

Although i do love my charming little house, i dream of one day having a unique house on sprawling green arces.

Might work it into the next 5year plan hehehe... Something similar to this i would like.

 With a Verandah all around the house, this ones call the Argyle by Country Builders

I love the High ceiling wide open spaces i even like the wood floor in the house pic i like the rustic look, since it will be in the country. I i like how the front & the back of the house will have the high glass windows you can see for ever through..

I envision having Wisteria (purple) on a trellis around the house somewhere or along a path leading to the front door.

In the back Garden a hammock.

A day bed would be great too.

& a few lanterns hanging in the trees. Orange, Peach , nectarine& mandarin, lots of different fruit trees. Not sure if they will grow but one can dream.

 From the back door from the verandah a undercover path should go out to a guest house, a small cottage style, just a large room & a toilet & wash basin in there separate, Could be a guest room or a kids play room or party room what ever.

I would love an enchanted secret garden, little hidden treasures, & it all look like a perfectly organised mess.

This Tree would be awesome to sit out at night & have dinner parties or just parties in the summer months. beautiful.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Door Knockers

I have been wanting to get a door knocker with a bit of my flare ;-) I really like the door knockers from the movie Labyrinth (with David Bowie) 

I think there awesome, but finding a half interesting one is difficult.

The only ones from Labryith you can get are plastic ones. The other ones are usually cast resin?? unsure if they will be good enough. I would much prefer cast iron/steel.
 I found these few on ebay which look really cool. 

There actually a lot of things from the labyrinth i like & would lave to have namely a labyrinth next door to my house or out the back.
Just picture it it would be awesome, with lookout towers, a giant chess board in it, & goblins hanging around the place.
Secret doors which would lead you in different directions. the possibilities are endless.