Monday, 25 July 2011

Alice through the looking Glass


 I have to admit i'm a little obsessed with Alice in Wonderland i have always loved it, one of my Aunties gave me a leather bound copy of Alice through the looking Glass when i was about 6. It was a little advanced for me at the time but since then i think i have read that book a hundred times, i also fell in love with the creatures in the book & the wonderful etchings.

My passion for Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the looking glass may have start when i was young but it hasn't waned, if anything i has grown to the point of wanting to "Live" in Wonderland "Decor"  from the Simple Black & white etchings in the books, onto the TV Mini Series ( Which i loved)  to the latest 3D Alice in wonderland I love it all !!!

Walt Disney (1951) Alice in Wonderland

TV Mini Series (1985) Alice in Wonderland

Tim Burtons (2010)

Yes ,we are a little mad here !!!! stay Tuned for my Alice in Wonderland Design ideas :-) xx

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