Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Lounge room ideas

We are in the process of building a new lounge Room onto the back of our house & the question of what decor should we go with in there has come up. We have decided to go Completely different from our front lounge room, we're thinking more urban/rural/country/rustic (i want quirky in there too). 

Charcoal Polished concrete for dining & lounge room
The question has come up because we need to figure out what to do for flooring ???? 
The front of the house is all original Jarrah floor boards, & the back section is & will be concrete. 
We have Been thinking about polished concrete for a long time, ever since friends of our in York built there house & did it through their whole house i loved it & it will go with the urban/ rural /country feel.
We have also decided that we want a huge Cowhide as a floor rug .
Wall Paper Image

Another idea would be to have a wall paper image on one of the walls. (maybe a bit too much??)

We will be moving our current lounge suite (mulberry leather 3 seater & 2 single seaters) into this back room.

& other than the taxidermed animals i want (hubby, not so sure) thats all the ideas for now...
catering to my musical side

But these are some of the animals i would love & also to dress them up :-)    God i love this monkey !!!
Like in the Wizard of OZ (Love It)!