Thursday, 28 July 2011

My Cello

I have been playing the Cello for about 12 years i think ?? I felt in love with it after i had been to a friend of mines Music School concert & there was a Cellist playing, i just loved it its was so beautiful, haunting & just spoke to me & instantly thought to myself i want to learn how to play a Cello. I Studied for a few years taking my exams practical & theory & passed with distinctions.

I know in particular when i was first learning to play my friends would give me grief but we all have to start somewhere, i think over the years i have progressed nicely. I haven't done exams for a long while, but simply just enjoy playing with my Friend the Music Teacher & by my self.

On a few occasions we have played to an audience, We joined the Churchlands community Orchestra for awhile it was enjoyable to play with such a large group of musicians rather than solo or duet. 
A Churchalnds Community Orchestra Concert

We also had a little trio going for a while 3 cellos just for fun, and we have played a few various occasions ie birthday parties, a High Tea, hen's party & soon my mother's 60th.
 All for free were not professionals, but its good experience and the people see to enjoy it :-)

I've come along away from hot cross buns.

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