Friday, 22 July 2011

Sewing mad

Of late i have been sewing, which is something i'm not known for, my sister & mum have great sewing abilities I'm medi oka.

Milly's New winter Hoody
But i am getting better, i wouldn't say i follow a pattern rather the outline of something similiar & make adjustments along the way....

It all started with my step daughter needing a new jacket/hoody for winter, she has had a growth spurt & most things are to short in the belly, so i thought i can make a hoody why not.....

Indi's jarmes

This is a jump suit i made for my niece, which was pretty simple.

And the piece of resist-once is a patch work jacket i also made for my niece,  lucky girl, i am so impressed ... if i do say so myself....
Best little patch work jacket ever!

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