Thursday, 28 July 2011

Kings Park Sunset Cinemas (moonlight Cinema now)

I have always been a huge fan of the Kings Park Sunset Cinema (in Perth) as it was first known, when i started going along.  
Its now called the Moonlight Cinema.  

Ive have Enjoyed many a evening with friends on our picnic blankets or bean bags, eating our tapas dinner & champers or wine, on the more summery nights & also rugging up on the wintery ones.

Watching Sweeney Todd, it was a chilly evening at the end of the season
I know you can go see movies at home or in the normal cinema but to be outside in the night are under a blanket of stars is just magical. 

While i have been going for many many years with various groups of friends i always like introducing more to come along & enjoy a fantastic night, it has progressed since i first started going they now have bean bags hire (gold class area) & more food & drinks for sale.

Enjoying Rocky Horror Picture Show With my girlfriend & her daughter

I am a huge fan of musicals just ask any of my friends :-) especially those who have had to listen to me sing along to them hehe. 
Well my point being, they regularly screen old classics like 
Rocky Horror Picture Show
(a total classic) & people dress up & dance the time warp & sing along 
I LOVE IT sooo cool.....

I think come summer i will have to organise a Girls night out at the Moonlight cinema, 
maybe Breakfast at Tiffany's a Classic movie & dress the part ;-)

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