Monday, 1 August 2011

Kids Room

We have 3 bedrooms and one is inhabited by 2 of my step children a 10yr old boy & 5yr old girl, every 2nd weekend.

We decided to have bunks its the best for space wise in the room & it gives them there own area.  When choosing on the paint we decided to go with a calm colour in the room, so with both these in mind we have a charcoal black wall that the bunks are against (my hubby's idea) doesn't show dirty hand & foot prints & a very soft grey/blue colour in the rest of the room.

Originally this room had carpet but we since ripped it up & polished the Jarrah floors underneath, much nicer.

The Furniture we put in the room is all dark woods, a large wardrobe, a tall chest of draws & of course the bunk bed. We made a pelmet & put block out blinds on the window, excellent choice, the kids sleep forever in there.
We want to add a little whimsical feel to the room so we added a wall decal of birds in a cage & tree,(keep the calm mood in mind).

Of late i've been thinking of ways to add to the kids room & of course Alice in Wonderland comes to mind i was thinking of adding tweedle dee & dum wall decal under the tree. I didnt want to make it too girly as its a boy/ girl room.

Another idea i have is to put above the kids dresser their silhouette pictures ( i'll make)  in black Oval frames (Which seem to be a bit of a  nightmare to find).

I saw this light fitting which i love it reminds me of a giant flowering plant.
Awesome Plant light fitting (i think i could make it)

I also have a ton of the fabric we used on the pelmet, i was going to make matching dona covers but thought it was a bit too much. I did cover a lamp shade in the same fabric.mmmm not sure what to do with the rest????

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